Delta Force Wakefield Paintball

Delta Force Wakefield Paintball

Play Paintball like the US Delta Force Special Forces near Wakefield


Play like the United States Special Delta Force Wakefield Paintball

Have you ever imagined yourself storming an Embassay or taking a bridge on a Paintball or airsoft field. Just like the Delta Force special forces do in the US. Or the UK’s very own Special Air Service (SAS). You can do it all day long on your PC or games system without moving a muscle, but how about getting out in the fresh air and doing it “Almost” for real.
At the Delta Force Wakefield Paintball,  you can live out your online gaming but with a Paintball or Airsoft Gun. Like the Delta Force or SAS, you’ll be wearing goggles and armed with the latest semi automatic and fully automatic paintball and airsoft guns. One of our main games is called Delta Force Wakefield paintball.

Since their inception early in the 20th century, Delta Force have become one of the masters at the dark arts of counter terrorism. The unit’s operators are highly skilled in sniping and close quarters combat (CQB), dynamic and covert entry, explosives and hand-to-hand combat. Over the years, Delta have developed a working knowledge of systems on aircraft, trains, ships and vehicles and many other locations that enables them to intervene and take control of any scenario in any environment. Regular exercises with US and foreign counter terrorism units keeps their skill-set and knowledge base up to date. A Delta Force team is reportedly on immediate standby to respond to a terrorist threat at all times.

Want to know where to play,  Delta Force Wakefield Paintball is an award winning paintball and airsoft centre, based 6 miles South of York, just off the A19. In 2011, we were awarded the UK Scenario “Best Site” award at the prestigious annual Paintball Awards, held at a posh hotel in Birmingham. Delta Force Wakefield Paintball games were viewed by the majority of the UK’s paintballers as being the best in the UK and we invite all prospective players to come along and have a look before you book.

For more information or to book your day, please give us a call at the above number.

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